It started with Corel f**kin' Draw.

Ever since I found out that I could use a computer to distort the faces of my friends, I've been dating my computer.

I have, since around 8 years of age, explored practically everything you'll find in the world of digital media-ism. I've sometimes given up on coding. I've excelled in HTML+CSS. I've fallen in love with music production, struggled with graphic design, and lost myself in photography.

And then, with time, understood that I just couldn't let my passion for writing slide through.

I run into obstacles every once in a while.
I like them. They're challenging, and my cardio could always be better.

HTML+CSS. Writing. Adobe CS. Keynote (sigh). Pitching. Talking. Quick learning.

I'm very sociable. I feel at ease when I'm in a learning environment, where I feel perfectly allowed to spit out clever, stupid, provocative, and sometimes tough questions.

...I make strange music. Lots of it.

Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

New cities equal new impressions. Recently having lived in Malmø, I decided to move up to the capital in November 2015. You'll reach me on Skype, through E-mail or on LinkedIn.