"A Walk In The Park" is a new pop-up festival concept on the Swedish market - setting its premiere sights on the summer of 2016.

Paraply Produktion, Welcome Concerts, The Tivoli and United Stage got in touch with me and my good friend Gustav von Platen on a sunny, though freezing cold Friday in January, and asked us to visualize, communicate and launch the whole shebang - in just about 48 hours.

The concept is a new festival - that on 3 separate dates during the summer - would take place in three of Sweden's most flourishing parks. They asked us for a website, a visual identity, and a meaningful story to tie it all together.

"The sun is glowing in the horizon. The sweater you've brought with you is loosely tied around your waist - just in case. And it never really gets dark outside! A little chilly, at worst. And that exotic, southern vacation you were dreaming of, just months ago?

It just doesn't feel as important anymore."

3000 tickets sold in just 24 hours after launch.

...and just 3 weeks after, the total Facebook event attendee count was up at close to 9000.

…and just like that, the idea came to us. We shared the same, magical memories from days out in nature. We talked about open fires, and barbecues on the beach. That one picnic that turned out just like in the movies, after many years of rainy, insect-festered attempts. And the concerts we've gone to - the goosebumps, as the rain starts sprinkling right at the first chord of the chorus.

It's in the harmony, the surroundings, and the friends you're with.

It's what A Walk In The Park is about.

A Walk in the Park

Paraply Produktion, United Stage



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