Business or pleasure?
Try both.

Luncha is an app concept we developed during our Tech & Design module at Hyper Island. As aspiring, new-to-the-field creatives - LinkedIn was a topic we'd often talk about. It's also something we, back then, perceived as something rather redundant, seeing as we were all already connected to various social networks.

Luncha, however, aimed to add more value to your LinkedIn network.

By matching people's LinkedIn profiles with people professionally similar and/or a close to each other, we aimed to both make Luncha a seemingly natural way of networking, as well as adding just a little bit more value to that oh-so professional LinkedIn feed of yours.

We're simply combining business with some good ol' lunch pleasure.

Two glasses of bubble,
and a kick-ass pitch.

By the end of the project, I represented our team in pitching Luncha in front of a 50-something strong crowd, at a venue called Konsthallen in Karlskrona, Sweden. As a self-proclaimed stage monkey, I had an absolute blast.

After a miserable, way too cheap haircut just hours before, two glasses of champagne helped calm my nerves. The presentation, though, couldn't have gone any better.

Check out the video below - you'll find my failed haircut 20 seconds in, and a part of my pitch at the 1:30 mark.