Selvage is an independent clothing and lifestyle store aiming to provide the best from both the Scandinavian and international market.

Recently, Selvage opened up an online shop as a complement to their mothership based in Kalmar, Sweden, with a brand-new editorial section added to it. The concept is based around providing stories from, by and about the passionate souls behind what makes the fashion industry exactly what it is.

I was asked to write copy for the editorial page, as well as create two editorial pieces. I happily did just so.

[...] Swedish design is making a name for itself in South Korea, and we wanted to figure out what the deal is. We had a chat with Hasung Gim, an alumni from Amsterdam Fashion Institute now working at American Apparel, to hear his thoughts on the somewhat curious, cross-cultural phenomenon. [...]

400% traffic increase after editorial launch

...and the editorial story about Selvage and its founder, Enrique Sanchez, was read over a thousand times in just 5 days.

Mixtape 2 - Commute

Trains, trams, tubes & time-keeping. We teamed up with Malmö-based CHICAGØ for an exclusive commute-themed mixtape.