Grow your confidence. Comfortably.

Talkbox, in its very essence, is a stage simulator. During a four-week module at Hyper Island, called "Exploring Tech", we were asked to just do something cool using whatever technology we could get our hands on. And Talkbox is what me and my team ended up with.

Using a whole bunch of post-its, an Xbox Kinect, a microphone, and software developed by our friend & colleague Jesper Söderlind - we managed to ideate and create a solid prototype.

Stepping into the room, you're greeted by a 1500-strong crowd on a famous square in Moscow - eager to hear you speak. What you say to them is important - which you'll notice the very second you start speaking into the microphone.

The crowd goes silent. You start speaking, and just as you've finished a sentence - your fans explode in rejoice, waving their arms and cheering you on.

15 showcases pulled 800 visitors, and hit a new visitor record.

All 57 of us enjoyed the borderline-pricey beer, shared countless laughs, and had a really good time explaining our ideas to the visitors at Media Evolution City in Malmø, Sweden.

People were a little bit frightened by our shaky (but absolutely beautiful) prototype at first, but once they eased up - they had a lot of fun with it.

Xbox Kinect. Microphone. Gestures. Speech.

As you enter the room, the crowd (consisting of ~1500 chroma-keyed copies of me and my team members) would be murmuring until the Kinect picks up that you've gone on stage.

Greeting you with a big cheer, your loyal fans quiet down as the microphone registers that you've started speaking into it. When you've made your first dramatic pause (of at least 0.2ms), the crowd goes wild - because what you just said was obviously the best thing anyone has ever said.

We recorded 4 different crowd reactions with 3 different sound effects to them. We named them "Clap", "Intense Clap", and my personal favorite - "Power Yeah!".